Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Love and Care from adults...

You know we as adults think we love, and take good care of our babies pretty well.. Birds and animals do a pretty dang good job at it too.. I have three baby Indian Ringneck they are a week old today, and not a feather one on there little bodies. We had 25 degree reading for our temp. yesterday morning with winds out of the north at 25 mph, that was 14 degree chill factor.. The momma and daddy birds stayed in the next box and keep the babies nice an warm, the daddy would go out long enough to eat so he could go back home an feed the female, and the babies. The male is this case was doing his job well, gathering food and taking care of his mate and babies.. This seems so simple, The way I remember it is supposed to be done, and neither one was complaining about there duties.. I check on them this morning, and everthing was fine in the nest box... Pretty good parents huh???

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Me and Booger Red at home....

Booger Red in street clothes...

Booger Red On The Trip

I See Booger Red

Scooter Trip

This is the most rotten looking bunch of Christian men I have ever seen. We made a trip to Leakey, Texas last summer on our scooters, there is three highways there called the three sisters. State Road 335-336-337 it is all S curves, and ups and down.. Very pretty country. The bunch is part of the Brotherhood of the First Baptist Church in Snyder, Texas. I was honored to get to go on this trip. We had a devotion and bible study ever night out under the stars. wow what a trip..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunset in New Mexico

This was made a week before Christmas at Ruidoso. We were there for some fun times snow sking. This is a sample of some of the beautiful sunsets we seen. What made them so beautiful was the fact I had most of my family there, all except Brandon and his beautiful family.. We are planning a family summer vacation at Lake Buchanan, Texas. It looks like we all will be there.. wow I am so excited...

Famous Words

I will show you how!!!

Gold Peg

What a shame, this was a outstanding offspring from Gold Spike a son of Gold Chunk the NM High Point Paint Stallion, and a Doc Bar Mare. I leased the mare and bred her to my Gold Spike stud. I raised the beautiful colt and as a two year old he went to a trainer. Things didn't go to well there, He collicked one evening, I got a call from the trainer, he, Kenny, a vet, and I worked all evening to no avail... He had twisted a intestine....