Monday, May 25, 2009


I would like to take this time to thank all the brave troops for there support in keeping our America free.. Not only now but in previous wars...Gosh what all they sacrifice to do this.. Being away from there family is bad enough.. But the long hours, and lonely time they spend in harm way in foreign countrys where the people there hate and want to kill Americans.. You hear of all the tragic stories, that are so sad and hard to believe. Then some of them hit close to home. Some of them are family members, and some are the partners of our kids. One plane crash or land mine can change lots of peoples way of life, and thinking forever. We never get over these tragic happenings...
Thank you Jesus for all the one that return, and thank you troops.. God Bless You..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

outback stream

This was fun to build, and is getting kind of pretty.. i think this will be the thrid summer since i built it.... I am wanting to rebuild my waterfall.. it is rubbing against me pretty hard this year.. it looks more like a fireplace than a waterfall..... lol

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Whats on my mind???

Since i first seen this question on Facebook, I have been thinking all kinds of wild stuff. I have lived by myself for a long time, since the middle of Jan. 1991 thats nearly 18 and a half years.. I have injoyed that time. I am not the type person to set around and feel sorry for myself, and I really don't feel lonely... But some day it would be nice to have a special lady around to talk to if she would shut up every now and then... lol this year has been hard on me, and I am tired of this sick stuff... just please give me a break... There is two nice ladied i could bring into my life full time... But the mind thing keep kicking in... Why jump out of a plane that is flying high and smooth..

What was on her mind.

I don't know what was on her mind that caused her to jump out of the truck going down the highway. She had just ran her two miles and we were coming back to town.. I have been hauling her since she was just a baby, she has never tried to get out.. Even when I go into a store or someones house.... She was very luckie to not have any broken bones.. But on my goodness what a head ache she had..... I need to change her name from Mattie to Lucky or maybe stupid would be better...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Buffalo Pasture

this has been fun and I think the buffalo has found a home.. oh give me a home where the buffalo roam.. Rodney and I were in Lowes looking for something to put in that corner. Nothing would do very good in it because it get to much shade.... He said hea dad come look at this... He had found the buffalo. We talked about it a minute and brough him home..... he is pretty back there....and not many chips

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bird in the hand

this is one of the three babies that was hatched in the winter blizzard this spring... His mommie took so good care of him and i stoled it out of her nest with his two sibblins.. I have two of them sold and a promise on the last one... The parents are back on eggs again... will have another clutch hatching next week.... they probale will just go to the sale as breeders... the hand feeding is a big chore, but pays good. any one wanting some birds???? I can fix u up....