Sunday, May 10, 2009

Whats on my mind???

Since i first seen this question on Facebook, I have been thinking all kinds of wild stuff. I have lived by myself for a long time, since the middle of Jan. 1991 thats nearly 18 and a half years.. I have injoyed that time. I am not the type person to set around and feel sorry for myself, and I really don't feel lonely... But some day it would be nice to have a special lady around to talk to if she would shut up every now and then... lol this year has been hard on me, and I am tired of this sick stuff... just please give me a break... There is two nice ladied i could bring into my life full time... But the mind thing keep kicking in... Why jump out of a plane that is flying high and smooth..

1 comment:

GrandmaNita said...

Tell the mind thing to back off. If you desire some one to spend time with go for it.